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The SU2C Canada Research Model

The Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) research model is founded on the belief that there is now sufficient knowledge of the basic science of cancer and that technologies are available to allow the focused practical application and rapid translation of even more basic science knowledge to patients with cancer. Furthermore, the successful application of this knowledge will result in faster advances in the treatment of patients and the prevention of cancer in those who are at risk. The purpose of SU2C Canada is to establish and support a focused and intense effort to put advances in the treatment and prevention of cancer into effect as rapidly as possible. SU2C Canada believes that it can benefit the most patients by accelerating the course of cancer research through raising philanthropic dollars and developing unique mechanisms to utilize these funds. This novel approach is designed in a way that leads to the funding of innovative ideas without bureaucratic delays. SU2C Canada utilizes mechanisms to foster collaboration among the most talented and promising researchers across institutions; a multidisciplinary team-oriented approach that promotes the sharing of information rather than competition; and a goal-oriented focus on key problems in cancer designed with measurable milestones of progress. SU2C Canada is committed to identifying the most promising opportunities and leveraging its fiscal and management resources to achieve a paradigm shift in clinical cancer research. SU2C Canada is committed to transparency and high-quality science in its funding activities and believes that this can be accomplished within the framework of its truly innovative approach to supporting cancer research.

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