Nahum Sonenberg, PhD

Naum Sonenberg



Nahum Sonenberg, PhD, is a professor and Gilman Cheney Chair in Biochemistry in the department of biochemistry at McGill University in Montreal. Sonenberg studies the molecular basis of the control of protein synthesis in eukaryotic cells and its importance in diseases such as cancer, obesity, diabetes, and neurological diseases. His investigations include:

  • Identification and characterization of the various translation factors involved in translation initiation
  • Elucidation of the signaling pathways impinging on translation
  • Discovery of physiological consequences of translational control

He is a recipient of the Robert L. Noble Prize of the National Cancer Institute of Canada, the Killiam Prize for Health Sciences, the Gairdner Foundation International Award, and the Wolf Prize in Medicine, among many others, and is an officer of the Order of Canada.

Sonenberg obtained bachelor’s and master’s degrees in microbiology and immunology from Tel Aviv University in Israel and a doctoral degree from the Weizmann Institute.